Kung may hihilingin ka ano yun at bakit?

Diploma, ngayon kasi may trabaho na ako, yung trabahong kaya na akong buhayin kung tutuusin kahit nag-aaral pa lang ako, pero may kulang eh, Although hindi ko masyadong gusto yung course ko, gusto ko pa rin namang pag tinanong nung mga tao yung mom ko, ang sasabihin niya

"Ah IT natapos niyan ni Carl"


"Ah wala nagstop siya eh, pero maganda naman yung trabaho niya"

I must say that this sem’s turning out to be the best one ever. My majors have been the hardest one yet but with all the efforts that I’m putting on, it’s becoming not that hard after all. 

Programming’s not becoming a hindrance for me especially in our Web Development maybe because I already have an edge since I’ve been here on tumblr for quite a long time now and CSS has always been a part of being a blogger here which we mainly do in that subject.

My friends this sem were even amazed and sometimes becoming uncomfy whenever I say that I was able to finish a task faster than my previous capabilities could.

Maybe after this year, I’d probably apply as an intern in the field of Web Development.

  • Friend: Galit ka ba kay ____? Bakit hindi kayo nagpapansinan?
  • Me: Hindi ako galit, dumidistansya lang, tampo siguro, ganun.
  • Friend: Bakit ka nagkakaganyan? Naiinlove ka na ba?
  • Me: Ha? ... uy hindi ah, magiging ganun din ako sa'yo, minsan tignan mo.
  • Napaka-defensive ko naman ata, gusto na nga ba kita? Nagkakaganito ba ako dahil lang nagtatampo ako bilang kaibigan mo, o dahil atensyon mo ang habol ko?
Yeah, I miss my old self too.

"Hi this is Joey, supervisor on the floor. Your call was escalated to me by my representative regarding your issue about _________."

For the last 2 days, I’ve been handling outbound escalated calls since my log in is not working for over a week now. I feel flattered whenever calls are being escalated to me by my supervisor when he’s doing something, it’s as if he’s confident that I can handle the call and give a guaranteed instant resolution. Oh gosh, I just love my new opening spill, too bad that it only lasted for how many days.

After the movie

Foods were great and customer service’s outstanding too. Very much recommended to burger and pasta lovers out there.

I have this routine since daycare where I’m only good during the first month of the semester, I do my assignments a week before the due date, review my notes though there will be no recitation on the following day or listen attentively on every discussion as if there will be a surprised quiz right after.

Just like right now, I’m doing my assignment and reading it word by word thoroughly though our next meeting will be on Tuesday again.

And I do hope that this can be maintained until November because if it did, this will be the first time that it will happen, hopefully.

I hate it when people spoil unexpected stuff that will happen by the end of a movie on the internet. Like common guys, you’re not the only one who has the money to watch a freakin’ movie.

Watching it earlier than the others doesn’t make you any cooler.

I left because i realized that I was fighting for nothing